More Carrie Pictures

Carrie Anne
I left my card reader at home when I went to the hospital.  Please accept my apologies with this post consisting of 140 pictures of Carrie, Grace and everyone who visited in the hospital.

Grace’s 4th Birthday Party

Grace's 4th Birthday at the Gym

Amy had this idea to go over to CycloneGymnastics for Grace’s birthday party.  What a great idea it was.  The kids had so much fun running and playing on the equipment that if we hadn’t stopped them, they might have gone all day.

St. Pius X Festival

St. Pius X Festival

Mike and Grace went over to the St. Pius X festival for a little father/daughter bonding.  Grace had a great time on the slide.

Painters for Hire

Painting the Basement

Mike decided it was time to start painting.  He got some primer and, with his lovely assistant, started painting.  We will gladly come over and paint your place as well, no guarantees on quality of work or results.  Name your price and we will be happy to help slap some paint on your walls.

Sibling Class at OSU

Sibling Class at Hospital

Saturday we went to the Sibling Class at OSU for Grace.  She got a brief tour of the hospital which included seeing the nursery and a recovery room.  The class concluded with baby holding and swaddling lessons.