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How to Clean Stainless Steel (Without Breaking the Bank)So, stainless steel: 90% steel, 10% chromium. Turns out it’s not so stainless. Under certain conditions, gunk and smudges stick, but they don’t have to stick forever. Before you spend tons of money replacing your appliances, the DIYers at Stack Exchange offer affordable tips on keeping steel stain free.

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We have just finished building a house and we have some small stains on a stainless steel door handle.

I was wondering what was the best way to remove them? Unfortunately I’m not sure what’s caused them. They appear to be small “smudges” along the handle.

Originally asked by Ben

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Answer: Flitz


Use some Flitz. I used to have a tube of the paste that worked really well on stainless knives. I need to pick up some more from the hardware store.

Answered by Doc Walker

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Answer: Isopropyl Alcohol

I use isopropyl alcohol (isopropanol) to remove oily fingerprints, fatty deposits, etc. Works great on the range hood (extractor hood) above my cooktop, which accumulates fatty deposits quite fast.

Answered by Geir S¯rensen

Answer: Barkeeper’s Friend

Barkeeper's Friend

I’m a big fan of Answered by BMitch

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Answer: Weiman


We have several stainless steel appliances, and little kids that smudge them every day. We have tried dozens of cleaners, and the best we have found is Weiman.

The have several varieties, but we like the one in the aerosol spray can. You can find it anywhere, we get it at the local mega-mart.

Answered by mohlsen

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