5 Of The Funniest Post-Dental Videos Found Online

By Joshua Lockhart, MakeUseOfAugust 20, 2012 at 09:30PM

funny dental videosAh, wisdom teeth surgery… A lot of people have to go through with it, right? It seems to be pretty common. However, what we tend to forget is that with all the gas intake people take in to put them to sleep and dumb down the pain, people can have some very weird reactions after the operation. Fortunately for us, friends and family tend to record these reactions…

I want to invite you to another side of YouTube: the one where home movies go viral, and videos normally shared with just friends and family make it to a world-wide audience. Today, I want to show you a bunch of videos that show people after their wisdom teeth operations! The videos are definitely hilarious, and hopefully, you’ll find some that you think are worth sharing.

Brother & Sister Take A Ride Home

This is one of the most humorous videos I’ve seen, but to be quite honest, it’s very slow. However, throughout the clip are a few different chuckle-worthy moments, so it’s worth the time. The video features a brother and a sister riding home after they have both had the wisdom teeth operation. With that said, the interaction between the siblings is highly entertaining.

Seeing Unicorns?

This video features a girl right after her operation, and within it, she goes on to explain just how she feels. The video info itself features the full transcript, but to sum things up, the girl feels as though a unicorn has taken her to a magical place. (Furthermore, for context, she dives into a classic 90s Christian rap tune by a fellow named Carman – “Who’s in the house? JC…”) To be honest, like all of these, this video is fairly long, but every second is worth watching.

Guy Sings Song Post-Op

Remember that good old classic, “On The Road Again”? Although simple, this video is absolutely one of the funniest things possible when you get right down to it. Admittedly, it’s one of those things that you’ll watch for a few minutes (or a few times), and say, “This is really stupid.” However, give it a go. I’d say it’s pretty great.

I Have Two Tongues

Although a little tamer than others, the sheer look of distraught on this wisdom teeth victim’s face is utterly hilarious. The situation at hand with this particular girl is a little different than others. Simply put, she believes that she has a second tongue… The realization comes towards the end of the video, but the build-up is certainly enticing.

Girl Thinks She’s A Wizard

As we’ve already gathered, there are quite a few people who fall under the impression that they are seeing things or have had some type of change to their being. In this case, we have a poor girl who has come under the impression that she is a wizard. Furthermore, she believes that the wisdom tooth operation was actually a spell cast upon her. The reaction in this video is absolutely hilarious, and despite having vertical video syndrome, it’s worth sticking around for.


Well, that’s all the dental operation patients we have for you today, folks. (I say that as if this is a regular thing.) However, we are sure that you’ve seen a few of your own, or maybe you’ve even made some of your own videos!

With that said, we’d love to see what you have to bring to the table. Have you made a video like this one? Have you seen better ones than these?

Image Credit: mconnors