Quirky’s Cube Tube, for Spill-Free Icemaking

By (author unknown), Core77August 10, 2012 at 05:00PM


And you thought you’d seen it all in ice cube making. Currently under consideration at Quirky is the Cube Tube, an ice tray designed to solve a specific problem: That annoying moment after you fill the tray at the sink and slowwwwly walk it over to the freezer, trying not to spill the water.

You fill the Cube Tube up, and close it, at the sink. There’s presumably a little Archimedes action when you slide the insert in, but once that’s done with you toss it in the freezer, spill-free.


The base is made out of silicone, so after it’s frozen you can hit it against the counter to loosen the cubes. Then you just pull the insert out—there’s draft angle, naturally—to dispense.


From what I can see, there’s nothing that would stop you from refilling it when partially empty, as well.

I realize those of you with ‘fridges that make their own ice don’t give a damn about objects like this, but it’s something an ice-tray-using peon like me could really use.